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Hi readers/recruits!

Some big changes happened at Kindle Vella this week that you need to know about. 💜


The Changes:

1️⃣: The first TEN episodes of ALL KV stories are now FREE!

That's right, totally free. Previously, the first 3 episodes were free. Now, it's 10! This will give you a chance to dive into a lot more of a story before committing any tokens to it.


2️⃣: ALL episodes now cost a flat price of 10 tokens.

Previously, Vella episodes were priced based on their word count. 1 token would buy 100 words. So, when I submitted a 3,000 word episode, it cost readers 30 tokens. It was great for knowing how many words you got for your money, but it could also make estimating the cost of a full Vella story difficult when the price kept fluctuating. That just got a lot easier.

As of this week, ALL Vella episodes will cost 10 tokens going forward! That's right, EVERY episode (minus the first 10 free ones), no matter how long it is. I have some thick episodes, and they're all being discounted to 10 tokens.


3️⃣: The token bundles have been updated.

Token bundles also got adjusted with minor savings, so wanted to make sure you're aware of the new bundles and prices:


What Do These Changes Mean for You?

Anyone who isn't caught up on Covert Hearts or had to take a break because of cost, now is the perfect time to dive back in. Each season is less expensive than an ebook! (It's also perfect timing because we're hitting some juicy jealousy scenes right now in season 4. 😉)


And if you're up to speed on Sammy and the boys, then you're in for some big discounts moving forward. HUGE! You know how wordy I am, and that won't be changing lol. All future episodes will also be 10 tokens with this update. 💖

My Plan:

To be transparent, this is a big blow to my income with the size of episodes I write. But I'm not going anywhere. I'm excited about these changes and how they're making my Vella stories more affordable for you readers. 🥰 I'll keep writing Sammy's story how it's already planned out, and we'll just keep moving forward!

I'm still working through my author notes that are currently posted on Vella to remove anything that explains the old token system, so I'm sorry for any confusion those may cause in the meantime. If you're a new reader, some of those notes aren't going to make any sense until I get through them all!

Let me know what questions you have, or if you run into any issues with not seeing the new 10 token cost. These changes just went live this week, so the Vella team may be working through some kinks. You can use the contact form here to send me a message, or message me on Instagram.

Current Status of My Vellas:

Lastly, I also want to give an update on the current status of my 3 Kindle Vella stories:

💖 Covert Hearts (Young Adult RH - 3 seasons completed. Season 4 ongoing): This one is regularly updated once a week, typically on Sundays unless I announce otherwise! It follows Samantha Hart, a lonely girl running from her abusive father. Desperate, she disguises herself and hides out at Weston Academy for Boys, successfully passing as one of their students. Enter the Sierra Team, the youngest recruits in FBI history. One assignment stands between them and field agent status: infiltrate Weston Academy, where rumors of unsavory activities threaten the school's pristine reputation. The problem? Their Behavior Analyst is assigned a new roommate: Sam Hart. You can read Covert Hearts here.

💕 The Duet Diaries (New Adult/College RH - 2 seasons completed): This one is currently on hiatus until Covert Hearts is complete (more info in my FAQs). It's a humorous college RH that follows a quirky, coffee-obsessed FMC, Emma Fox, who plays piano and has no business juggling a harem. But she gets one anyway. 🥰 Slooow build! (The first book is also available in KU: The Duet Dilemma)

🔫 Hot for Hostage (Mafia Rom-Com M/F): This one is currently on hold because Davian is refusing to cooperate after Bear chewed up his last pair of loafers. Planning to return by May 2024! Sadie Morris is a good girl. She bakes yummy treats, volunteers at a local dog shelter, and is always ready with a smile. But when a group of teenage thugs vandalizing the dog shelter take it too far and add dognapping to their crimes, Sadie tracks down the man she's told can get her furry friend back: Davian Reed, the ruthless son of Chicago's resident crime boss. When he refuses to hear her out, Sadie resorts to desperate measures... like taking the bad boy mafia prince hostage.

To all my readers who have been with me since Vella launched or joined in over the past couple years, there seriously aren't enough words to thank you for your support. I get to do what I love every day because of you, and that's more than I ever imagined in my wildest dreams. While Vella can't retroactively apply these new prices to episodes already purchased, please know that I appreciate you so much and you'll see the savings in future episodes. 💖

Thank you so much for everything. Whether you're here for Sammy and the boys, Emma and her guys, or Sadie and a certain mafia prince, I feel so honored and lucky to have you as a reader. 🥰

I'll see you again this Sunday back at Ashwood Academy! Happy reading. 💖


(Side note: I've been down with the flu this week and everything feels like a fever dream lol, so I apologize if any of this was confusing to read.)

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