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Covert Hearts

YA Contemporary RH

Samantha Hart is a lonely girl running from her living nightmare. Desperate, she disguises herself and sneaks into an all-boys boarding school.

Enter the Sierra Team, the youngest recruits in FBI history. One assignment stands between them and field agent status: infiltrate Weston Academy, where rumors of unsavory activities threaten the school's pristine reputation.

The problem? Their Behavior Analyst is assigned a new roommate: Sam Hart.

The Duet Dilemma

NA College RH

Emma Fox is a walking disaster. Noah Kincaid is perfection personified. She's all over the place. He's controlled. She's got a sweet tooth the size of Canada, and he only takes his coffee black. While Emma is failing out of their university's piano program, Noah is at the top of the class. But when the two opposites are partnered together for a duet, sparks fly on and off the piano.

There's just 1 problem: Noah's not the only guy interested in Emma.

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Hot for Hostage

Mafia Romantic Comedy (M/F)

Sadie Morris is a good girl. She bakes yummy treats, volunteers at a local dog shelter, and is always ready with a smile. But when a group of teens vandalizing the shelter take it too far and add dognapping to their crimes, Sadie finds the man she's told can help rescue her furry friend: Davian Reed, the ruthless son of Chicago's resident crime boss.

She has a plan, but that plan wasn't supposed to involve taking the bad boy mafia prince hostage... or falling for him. [A Rom Com Mafia Romance.]

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