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Will Covert Hearts be available on KU???

Yes! After the series is complete on Kindle Vella, I'll be publishing on Kindle & KU. Think of Vella as early access and an opportunity to experience Sammy's story as I write it, participate in reader polls, celebrations, and practice your willpower holding out each week for the next update! 😅💖

... What is going on with your pickle popcorn obsession?

A wedding I went to had a "gourmet popcorn bar" and the bright green pickle popcorn just really stuck with me! If you've read The Duet Dilemma, you might've noticed that I gave Emma a lot of obsessions, especially around food and coffee. Sammy is still figuring herself out, but I couldn't resist her and the boys bonding over something a bit odd. (Seriously, if you haven't tried pickle popcorn, give it a shot and let me know if you like it!)

Are you abandoning The Duet Diaries???

NO! Absolutely not. I love Emma and her (future) guys. 💕 I have so much planned for them, it's actually a little ridiculous.

But I'm not a fast writer lol. I think you all know that. My original plan was to focus on The Duet Diaries and publish Covert Hearts on Kindle Vella on the side as a fun project when I got to it.

I just never counted on Covert Hearts blowing up in popularity. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to hit #1 on Vella (let alone stay there so long!) So, my plans changed, and now Duet Diaries is the one I work on in my down time on the side (for now)... which means it's a slow process. As soon as I have updates, I'll post on my website, newsletter, and social media! I'm just sorry I can't juggle both RHs at once! 💕💕

When is Covert Hearts updated?

Sunday is our regular update day, but I'll make an announcement in my author's note and IG Story if there is ever an exception!

Will Brooks be part of Sammy's harem? 

Stay tuned. 👀👀

What is the best way to contact you?

Through the "Contact" page on this website or my FB reader group! 🥰

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